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SOAP - Join the Soap Bar Revolution

The best way to protect yourself from Covid-19 is simple, plain, old fashioned SOAP!

Dr. Pall Thordarson, a chemistry professor at the University of New South Wales, said the reason it’s so amazing has to do with its chemical makeup. Soap attacks and literally dissolves the COVID-19 virus weakest link: its fatty bilayer.

“The soap dissolves the fat membrane and the virus falls apart like a house of cards and ‘dies’, or rather, we should say it becomes inactive as viruses aren’t really alive,” he said. “Disinfectants, or liquids, wipes, gels and creams containing alcohol (and soap) have a similar effect but are not really quite as good as normal soap. Apart from the alcohol and soap, the ‘antibacterial agents’ in these products don’t affect the virus structure much at all.”
Disrupting that barrier is something that Thordarson says is vitally important to disrupting the spread of COVID-19.

Here at Holistic Earth HQ all our soap bars are suitable for hands, face and hair.
All soaps are vegan, cruelty free, made with the finest oils and super fats to lock in that moisture, coloured naturally and infused with pure essential oils for a scent sensation!
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